Spadone offers precision machine design for the Tire, Rubber, Plastic, and Recycling industries - ranging from individual units to fully automated lines for handling, cutting, and processing production materials. Every product we supply our customers is delivered on-time and of unparalleled quality. Our staff of qualified engineers and technicians demand that each part of every machine function at its peak performance before it leaves our plant so that you see an immediate return on your investment.


Spadone was a family company founded over 100 years ago; owned and managed by two brothers who succeeded their father and grandfather. In 1917, the company developed and manufactured a high production machine to cut passenger and truck tire fabric on the bias. Known in the industry as the "Spadone", many of these cutters are still operating in rubber and tire plants throughout the world. From there, we have developed a number of other durable machines that have helped our customers improve productivity, decrease defects, and increase profits.


Hundreds of our machines are installed around the world at numerous Fortune 500 companies - so you can rest assured that Spadone equipment is designed and built with the utmost productivity in mind. And in regards to the equipments' useful life, we have numerous machines in operation that are 50+ years old - so your choice of Spadone will be a long-term investment which will yield many years of profitable return on investment.