Upgrade Kits

Spadone offers upgrade kits and accessories for many of its machines.


  • Skivers Test Kit
  • Skiver Blades
  • Bias Cutter Blades
  • Alfa Shears

Update Kits for your 64" and Model 100 Bias Cutters

The venerable 64" Vertical Bias Cutter has remained a fixture in many plants around the world. Spadone offers several simple conversions that improve performance and reduce maintenance, as well as machine add-ons that will improve productivity and efficiency. While most of these are applicable to the old 64" models, the servo conversions have been successfully implemented on the Model 100. Call us with the serial number of the machine to see if your Spadone Bias Cutter can benefit from the upgrade kits listed below.

Kit-Bias1 Complete Feed Roll Kit Eliminates the ratchet assembly with an electric clutch and brake. Kit-Bias2 Air Operated Fabric Clamp A better way to activate the fabric clamp. A change of air pressure will adjust for exactly the correct fabric clamping pressure. Difficult adjustments at the end of the clamp are no longer necessary.