The development of the Spadone M6 and M7 Skiver has brought a host of new improvements and features. Now many of those features can be fitted on the older Spadone M5 Skiver to improve accuracy and lower maintenance costs. Some of these kits are also applicable on the older M2 Skiver. Contact us with the serial number of the machine to see if your Spadone Skiver can benefit from the 12 upgrade kits listed below.

KIT-S1 Conveyor Roller Kit

The kit consists of rollers with anti-friction sealed bearings which allow the conveyor rolls to turn freely with the belt and prevent flattening of the rollers.

KIT-S2 Knife Motor Brake Safety Kit

This safety kit prevents operation of the knife when the brake fails.

KIT-S3 New Clutch Linings Kit

New clutches to increase accuracy by reducing engagement time; and efficiency by eliminating grease.

KIT-S4 Longitudinal Carriage Cylinder and Rod Kit

The stainless steel cylinder rod prevents corrosion, and is attached to a self aligning coupling, which provides better control to the longitudinal carriage return cycle.

KIT-S6 Cross Cut Carriage Corner Safety Guards

A safety kit that guards pinch points on the cross cut carriage.

KIT-S7 Solenoid Valve Kit for Clutches/Longitudinal Carriage Cylinder

Keep the existing Clutches and Longitudinal Carriage Cylinder. Improve accuracy using fast response, DC solenoid valves for each clutch and for the longitudinal carriage return cylinder.

KIT-S8 Synthetic Belt Kit

This low stretch belt enhances accuracy by eliminating variances in higher stretch belts. We recommend that this kit be purchased with KIT-S12, Cluster Roll Kit and KIT-S10 Head Tail Pulley Kit, to provide the maximum accuracy benefit. (See KIT-S10, KIT-S12)

KIT-S9 Reinforce Outfeed Frame Kit

Plates that reinforce the frame in clutch area, reducing variances and improving accuracy.

KIT-S10 Head Tail Pulley Kit

New head and tail pulleys with trans torque bushings and low run out specifications to improve belt tracking and accuracy.

KIT-S11 Blade Guard and Fine Spray Kit

The new blade guard makes changing knives easier, and is fitted with two spray nozzles to control knife lubrication and increase the life of the blade.

KIT-S12 Cluster Roll Kit

Belt rollers and shafts are now integral and the shafts run in water resistant anti-friction cartridge bearings, greatly reducing wear in this area. We recommend buying this kit in conjunction with KIT-S8 Synthetic Belt Kit to get the maximum benefits in accuracy.

KIT-S13 Cross Cut Carriage/Knife Lift Frame Modification

Modify the cross carriage and the knife lift frame to accept wear plates at the contact points, replacing them when they are worn to extend the life of the carriage and the lift frame. A new knife motor pivot is provided that has a hardened steel sleeve bushing to prevent elongation of the hole, and the new pivot is longer to make installation easier. New Knife Lift Frame hardened bushings and needle bearings are also included for the lift pivots.

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