Spadone White Sidewall Grinders have been in operation for over 30 years, so its only natural that some improvements have been made. The biggest improvement over the older models is in Automatic Setup; today's grinders can read bar codes and automatically setup for each tire. We offer kits that can be installed in house; or Spadone can completely refurbish your old grinder to like new condition. Contact us with the serial number of the machine to see if your Spadone White Sidewall Grinder can benefit from the upgrade kits listed below.

New Wiring and Electrical Panel

A new panel to today's standard to house all electrical components and controls for the automatic setup kits and PLC. Software and standard Spadone programming are included.

Automatic Depth Guide Assemblies

One assembly for each grinding arm, including servo driven actuators and special width adjustments to accommodate varying width grinding wheels; and quick grinding wheel changes.

Automatic Bead Spread Positioning

Replaces manual positioning and older air over oil systems to control bead spread.

Centering Wheel Assembly

Motor driven rolls and wheel assemblies automate infeed centering.

Longitudinal Tire Positioning

A new photocell for positioning of the tire over the lower chuck.

Automatic Grind Arm Down Positioning

A kit for control of automatic positioning of the grind arms, which is particularly valuable when a machine is required to grind a wide range of tire cross sections.

Automatic Radial Grind Arm Positioning

Automatic radial positioning of the grind arms, recently upgraded to prevent overextension.

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